CD cover!

For this we had to design our cd cover because we burned a cd with our portfolio on it. Basically all we had to do was take our portfolio cover and resize it so that it fit the CD dimensions. I used my personal logo design and also had to include my name, email, and blog information on ¬†the back of y CD cover but i didn’t upload that because it wasn’t important.

Portfolio cover!

We had to design our portfolio cover. We also had to use our personal logo in our design. I chose to do a background of paisley because its one of my favorite designs and it was simple to do!

Bringing an Inanimate object to life!

For this project we had to take an inanimate object, and bring it too life. I chose to do a guitar because i think they’re cool, and i wish i could play one. Anyways i thought it was going to be a lot harder than it really was, which just goes to show you how much i’ve learned this year in digital art and design 2. Now that I’m done with the final project for this class, it is a very bittersweet moment. Im glad to finally be done, but then again i really enjoyed this class and wish i had more to do!

Pop Up Picture!

For this project we had to take a flat 2D picture and make it look like it was “popping up”. I started on one picture but it was way to difficult so i just decided to do a picture of this baby giraffe. It was really hard learning how to do this because mrs. soto wasn’t there step by step but i think it ended up looking very good!

completed 3D logo.

This is my finished product. I chose to use these colors because they’re my favorite. I decided to use my initials for this logo because Mrs. Soto told us that we were going to have to make a personal logo anyways, so i decided to kill two birds with one stone. I really liked the way it turned out, and especially enjoyed this project because it was super easy ūüôā

3D logo sketch

So after we did the words and made them 3D, we had to create a logo and also make it 3D. This is my sketch. It looks like a man, but in reality it is my initials. VMP, can you find the letters in this figure?

Animated 3D word!

For this project we had to take one of our 3D words and make it move. So i chose to do this because i think it looked the best out of al three. i think all you do is click on it to watch it move


3D words.

So we had to make 3D words on photoshop and this is what i came up with. the first one is because im a senior this year, the second is because im excited for Christmas an the third are my initials.


Tori Pierce

Digita Art and Design 2



¬† ¬† ¬†The primary responsibility of a photojournalist is to take pictures that convey a clear message that is meaningful to the ¬†readers of a the publication. Basically, they take really good pictures. They can work for a small town newspaper, or work for a magazine as big as National Geographic. Photojournalist can make as little as 25,000 or as much as 75,000 dollars a year. It really just depends on what company you work for. I think that this job is very interesting. It doesn’t restrict you to an office, and you are free to travel all over the place. If you’re lucky enough to work for National Geographic you get to travel to several different countries and meet alot of different.

¬† ¬† ¬†The Photojournalist i chose to study is Zoriah Miller. He war photographer, and i think that is really cool.¬†Miller is an independent¬†crises in third world countries¬†and produces his photo stories on a freelance basisMiller specializes in documenting ¬†¬†in¬†countries. He has covered disasters, critical social issues and conflict around the world. What drew me to his work was that it had a certain “darkness” that was very intriguing. I think that people in the United States are very sheltered and do not get to experience many people who live in such poverty as people in third world countries.

This photograph is titled “The Boy in the Crowd”. It was taken by Miller in¬†Kampala, Uganda, a third world country. I like it because it is very mysterious because the only thing you can see is the boys eye. It leaves the imagine to create what the rest of the boy’s face must look like. This photograph makes me feel sad fort eh boy, which are the feelings i believe Miller was going for.

So i obviously have an obsession with black and white photos. But, thats besides the point.

In this picture a¬†young soldier displays a tattoo reading “Walk Peacefully on Heavens Streets, You’ve Done You’re Time in Hell.” ¬†This was taken in Baghdad, Iraq. I really like this picture because it is simple; a tattoo is simple enough. But, the message that it carries speaks so loud about the nature of war, and how horrible it must be. I also like this picture because it makes you identify with the soldier in this photograph.

The final picture i chose to write about is this one. This was shot in Cambodia, another third world country. I chose this picture because it is in black and white and  it automatically conjures sad feelings. I think the purpose for Zoriah Miller taking this picture was too show just how bad it is in areas other than the untied states. I also believe that this picture would provoke people to help third world countries such as the one this boy lives in.

I really enjoyed researching photojournalists and learning something new. From my research I think that Zoriah Miller is by far one of the most talented, acclaimed, and most recognized war photographer in the world!

photostory 3

This photo story was different from the others because you could only use one picture to get your point across. I decided to stand next to a fire alarm and look guilty, or mischievous. I think i pulled it off, and i think my idea is clearly expressed